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Wording..::..FormatTimeSpan Method (TimeSpan)

Converts the value of the specified TimeSpan to a human readable String representation by displaying the two most significant elements of either days, hours, minutes or seconds that are greater than zero, separated by a comma.

Example: "12:00:03" is converted to "12h, 3s"

Namespace:  BytecodeApi.Text
Assembly:  BytecodeApi (in BytecodeApi.dll)


public static string FormatTimeSpan(
	TimeSpan timeSpan
Public Shared Function FormatTimeSpan ( _
	timeSpan As TimeSpan _
) As String
static String^ FormatTimeSpan(
	TimeSpan^ timeSpan


Type: TimeSpan
The TimeSpan value to convert.

Return Value

The value of the specified TimeSpan as a human readable String representation.