BytecodeApi Documentation

BytecodeApi.IO.Interop Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CommandPrompt
Represents a programmatic interface to a cmd.exe Process to read from and write to.
Public class CommandPromptEventArgs
Provides data for CommandPrompt events.
Public class DynamicLibrary
Represents a native DLL file with functions that can be dynamically generated and called.
Public class DynamicLibraryFunction
Represents the function of a native DLL file that does not return a value.
Public class DynamicLibraryFunction<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Represents the function of a native DLL file that returns a value of the specified type.
Public class GlobalKeyboardHook
Provides support for global keystrokes capturing.
Public class KeyboardHookEventArgs
Provides data for the KeyPressed event.
Public class OutlookDataObject
Implements the data transfer mechanism for Microsoft Outlook. This class is typically used in drag&drop operations from Outlook into a UI application.


  Structure Description
Public structure Atom
Represents an entry in the local atom table.
Public structure GlobalAtom
Represents an entry in the global atom table.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAtom
Defines base properties for atom table entries.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate KeyboardHookEventHandler
Represents the method that is called when a keystroke was captured by a GlobalKeyboardHook.