BytecodeApi Documentation

BytecodeApi.IO.SystemInfo Namespace


  Class Description
Public class DeviceInfo
Represents device information, retrieved by DeviceManager.
Public class DeviceManager
Provides information for devices as shown in the Windows Device Manager.
Public class DeviceTypeInfo
Represents a device type, containing an array of DeviceInfo, retrieved by DeviceManager.
Public class FileExtensionInfo
Class that retrieves information about a file extension using the AssocQueryString API.
Public class HostsFile
Provides information about the hosts file in %SYSTEMROOT%\drivers\etc\hosts.
Public class HostsFileEntry
Represents a hosts file entry.
Public class InstalledSoftware
Provides information about installed software on this computer.
Public class InstalledSoftwareInfo
Represents a program that is installed on this computer.
Public class ProtocolMapping
Provides a snapshot from the services file in %systemroot%\drivers\etc\services.
Public class ProtocolMappingEntry
Represents a protocol mapping entry.
Public class TcpView
Provides information from the TCPView table for both TCP and UDP protocols in both IPv4 and IPv6.
Public class TcpViewEntry
Represents a TCPView entry.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ProtocolMappingProtocol
Specifies the protocol of a ProtocolMappingEntry object.
Public enumeration TcpViewEntryProtocol
Specifies the connection type of a TcpViewEntry object.