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ImageSubsystem Enumeration

Specifies the values for the Subsystem property of the optional header of a PE image file.

Namespace:  BytecodeApi.FileFormats.PE
Assembly:  BytecodeApi.FileFormats (in BytecodeApi.FileFormats.dll)


public enum ImageSubsystem
Public Enumeration ImageSubsystem
public enum class ImageSubsystem


Member nameDescription
Unknown Specifies an unknown subsystem.
Native Specifies device drivers and native Windows processes.
WindowsGui Specifies the Windows graphical user interface (GUI) subsystem.
WindowsCui Specifies the Windows character subsystem.
OS2Cui Specifies the OS/2 character subsystem.
PosixCui Specifies the Posix character subsystem.
NativeWindows Specifies a native Win9x driver.
WindowsCEGui Specifies Windows CE.
EfiApplication Specifies an Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) application.
EfiBootServiceDriver Specifies an EFI driver with boot services.
EfiRuntimeDriver Specifies an EFI driver with run-time services.
EfiRom Specifies an EFI ROM image.
XBox Specifies XBOX.
WindowsBootApplication Specifies a Windows boot application.